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At Mosaico, our expertise lies in empowering content creators to achieve a global presence. We offer premier Youtube translation and dubbing services, designed to broaden your audience and connect with viewers across cultures. Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering standout voiceovers, precise translations, and tailored post-production services, meeting your unique requirements. Partnering with us opens the door to worldwide acclaim for your content.

What We Do

At the heart of our mission, we focus on adapting your content for international audiences. We prioritize preserving your channel's core identity while embracing the cultural specifics of your intended viewers. This commitment drives us to partner exclusively with native experts for top-tier translation and dubbing. Our team pledges to deliver exceptional quality, ensuring your brand's message not only translates but truly connects with global audiences. Let's collaborate to overcome linguistic obstacles and broaden your market reach, embarking on a path to craft impactful, universal content together.


Our goal is to dismantle linguistic barriers, fostering connections between creators and global audiences.

Our Team

Welcome to Mosaico Productions, the brainchild of Vero and Jorge! Drawing inspiration from the mosaic art form, our business model mirrors the idea of bringing diverse pieces together to craft something extraordinary. Our foundation rests on commitment, dedication, and passion, guiding us through projects that spark inspiration, motivation, and enchantment. Our love for travel has taught us the value of transcending linguistic barriers and tailoring content to suit varied cultural contexts. We're here to assist in conveying your message globally, ensuring it resonates across languages and cultures. Embark with us on a creative voyage to materialize your vision into reality, crafting exceptional experiences together!


Jorge Santana

Passionate about film, tech, traveling and being surrounded by nature.

Veronica Avila

Passionate about traveling, positive, intuitive, loves dogs, nature and music.

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